Friday, April 04, 2008

Rare Turtle Slaughtered in Gaza

This heart-breaking video of Palestinian fishermen slaughtering a rare and endangered Leatherback turtle (for superstitious reasons, no less) surfaced via Reuters today, and has been making waves across the country.

DISCLAIMER: The video contains elements graphic in nature and can be at times hard to stomach.

Palestinian fishermen catch and kill a giant sea turtle, thought to be a Leatherback, an endangered species.

The rare giant sea turtle caught on a beach near Gaza City was slaughtered and eaten by Palestinian fishermen who said its blood was an aphrodisiac, among other therapeutic qualities. A Reuters cameraman said the fishermen collected the giant turtle's blood and gave it to children suffering from trauma and adults with back problems.

But fear not, there is also good work coming out of the Middle East. This next video is a CNN/IBN report from last month, about Israeli vets caring for and healing endangered sea turtles.

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