Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miss Scuba

A new scuba diving web site,, recently launched - complete with destination reviews, travel tips, photographs, and even "scuba gear with girls in mind".

Miss Scuba was created to celebrate the indomitable spirit within every woman to experience the world and in particular, the oceans of this world! Whether the dive girl is already a well-traveled individual or someone who has never ventured much beyond her own community, Miss Scuba invites all woman to embrace that inner longing, pack their bags, and travel.

"I noticed that most of the divers in California are men, so I created a site with the help of my dive-girl friends that allows women divers to interact with each other. It’s a great way to make new buddies and keep already existing connections from all over the world," said Szilvia Gogh, Store Manager and Lead Instructor at Aqua Adventures Unlimited in Burbank, California.

Well ladies, what do you think?


TwoTank said...

We are some diving ladies! Keep us in the loop.

Hugs and fishes,

Neutral Dive Gear said...

Hey Kari!

Great to *sea* you here!! Thanks for stopping by. Love the blog, BTW!

Keep diving!


TwoTank said...

Yeah, just happened to be taking a study break... you got lucky :)


simon said...


Great blog and was hoping we could look at exchanging some links?

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Szilvia said...

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