Monday, March 31, 2008

Diver's Platform

The Diver's Platform by Competitive Development & Manufacturing (CDM) has created a lot of buzz among the scuba diving community lately, and has been described as "an innovative, high-performance surface float that allows instructors, advanced and technical scuba divers, with a stable surface support unlike any other on the market today."

The web site boasts the device's various uses:

  • A place to hang on - perfect for students and teachers or talking with your buddies
  • Store spare equipment - weights, lights, ropes, instructor slates
  • Suspend decompression tanks
  • A floating workbench
  • Suspend a tool basket while working below
  • Rest stop for tired divers and students
  • Surface classroom for scuba instructors

Our Neutral Dive Gear staff thinks the float seems quite genius.

But we're wondering... has anyone purchased or used a Diver's Platform?

What did you think?

Is it worth a portion of our tax return?


Mikey said...

Hey, nice site!

I couldn't find an email address to reply to your comment on my blog, so I'm posting it here: I put a link to your site on my blog, per your request to cross-link blogs.


Rapture of the Deep

Neutral Dive Gear said...


Hey! Sorry about that, we should have an email link.

Thanks for the link! We've added you to ours as well!

Keep diving!



Neutral Dive Gear said...

p.s. Just noticed you're actually feeding in our recent posts! Way cool!