Friday, January 04, 2008

Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Now here's an idea!

A Sacramento, California-based company is releasing a new underwater mask that lets you take pictures while you explore.

Costing around the $100, the mask mask lets you record both video and still images thanks to the upto 5-megapixel camera that's just above the goggle lenses.

To take a photo or a video, the user lines up the crosshair marks on the mask with the object, and then presses the capture button. LED lights inside the viewing area indicate the mode the camera is in when activated. Users can download the digital images and video they’ve captured to a computer through a USB cable. Software is included to edit photos and videos. Users can print or email the files to share with friends.

The camera comes with 16 MB SD RAM internal memory. A Micro SD Card slot allows the memory to be upgraded to hold more images and video. The camera and mask combination is available in both a 3.1 and a 5.0 MP version.

This obviously isn't going to take over the underwater photography industry any time soon, but it's a clever tool for those who just want to grab a few pics to show off on their MySpace.

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