Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bite Me: the $23,000 Shark Bite-Resistant Bodysuit

As fears of the "worst shark season ever" heat up, here's a pricey way for water dwellers to protect against shark nibbles.

THIS sexy chain mail suit could be the perfect swim attire this summer as beach patrols report record numbers of sharks off the coast.

The Neptunic C Suit made from steel mesh, high-tech fibre, titanium and hybrid laminates can withstand shark bites — but will make a $23,000 hole in your wallet.

The US-made suit is a modern version of a steel shark suit first tested by famed Australian shark expert Valerie Taylor in the early 1980s. Her husband, Ron, paid $2000 to have a suit made from the steel mesh used for butchers' gloves.


US diver and photographer Jeremiah Sullivan improved the technology of the chain mail suit and called it the Neptunic.

"During testing Jeremiah has been subjected to thousands of shark bites while sustaining no significant injuries," the Neptunic website brags. But a legal disclaimer warns that a shark bite could still cause broken bones and tissue damage, and goes on to say: "We offer no guarantee whatsoever about the usefulness of this product to protect a wearer from injury of any kind under any circumstances."

But the question remains: will anyone look that sexy while wearing it?

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