Monday, January 07, 2008

Air Force Staff Sergeant Reenlists Underwater

Now that's a reenlistment ceremony we'd like to attend!

Air Force Civic Action Team’s SSgt James Messer chose to reenlist at the Jake’s Sea Plane Wreck on New Year’s Day.

At a depth of at least 50 feet, Messer took his oath to accept another term of service in the Air Force. The reenlistment was said to be the first done underwater in Palau.

Capt. David Carnes, a member of CAT 08-04 administered the oath with the other Air Force members witnessing the under water ceremony.

Messer, 25 said he wants his re-enlistment to be memorable and made the decision to do it under water -at the location of the Japanese reconnaissance plane which was shot down during World War II and ended up at the bottom of Palau waters.

Messer said that he knew that he will be deployed in Palau at the time that he has to re-enlist.

He said that the best place to perform a military re-enlistment is at the place of a wreck shot down by the U.S. military during World War II.

The re-enlistment was performed, Jan. 1.

Messer has been in the Air Force since 2001.

We salute SSgt. Messer for his service to our country... and his love of the underwater world!

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