Tuesday, January 01, 2008

10-acre Artificial Reef Proposed for Hawaii

More thriving coral reef in Hawaii? Yes, please!

The barren seafloor off the coast of 'Ewa could become home to coral and other marine life if an artificial reef project is approved.

The proposed 108-acre artificial reef is a massive expansion of the 1.1-acre reef replacement required for developer Haseko's permit to build the Ocean Pointe Marina.

Haseko instead will spend $150,000 to work with the Department of Land and Natural Resources to build an artificial reef that should provide more protection for the fish.

"We need more artificial reefs. That is an excellent idea," said Joseph "Mac" McNichols, owner of the Ho-nolulu Scuba Company.


The artificial reef proposed by Haseko and DLNR would use concrete Z-shaped blocks to attract coral in an area that now is barren limestone with a thin sand veneer.

Paul Murakawa, an aquatic biologist for DLNR's Division of Aquatic Resources, said that if the permits are approved, the area could become a thriving coral reef with damsel fish, goatfish and surgeon fish, along with predators like papio, ulua and uku.

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