Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flippin' Amazing! The Scuba Diving Soldier who Lost Both Legs, Arm in Afghanistan

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the inspiring Scott Schroeder.

Soldier Scott Schroeder wears two prosthetic legs and a false arm following a devastating roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan – but that hasn’t stopped him enjoying a spot of scuba diving.

The chief warrant officer has had special flippers attached to his legs so that he can explore undersea worlds once again.

He lost his limbs seven months ago when an IED exploded beneath his transport vehicle. The week-long series of dives, in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, is part of a recreational therapy program.

He learnt to scuba-dive back in the 1980s, but his injuries mean that he is having to relearn his skills.

His wife Laura and teenage son Zach have joined him this week. They’re both novices, but hope to earn their first scuba-diving certificate.

Laura explained how his passion for the activity whetted her appetite for it, too.

She said: ‘Every time we go on a vacation, one thing he wants to do is go diving, but he won't do it because we're not certified. So now, when we go on vacations, we can certainly go out with him.’

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Our masks off to you, sir.

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Anonymous said...

I salute you, Scott!!! Many happy hours down there!
CAPT (O6) Nadan M. Petri, MD, PhD
Croatian Navy (Ret.)